About us

Time to elevate

(verb: to lift someone or something up or make higher).

We are very glad you found yourself on this page. We take it as a compliment as this means you are interested and want to learn a bit more.

Our story started many years ago but we are not actually here to tell you about us, as this means going back to the past. Instead, let us focus on the future, specifically your future, and how your own ‘about me’ can be elevated to the next level.

Simply put, Investor 2.0 creates an ecosystem of elevated investors, new and seasoned, with the center of the ecosystem being you. In this new elevated state, you can focus your time on investments, trading, building a bigger retirement portfolio or for whatever reason you like investing into assets like stocks and crypto, all the while staying compliant and maximising your profits.

We believe in investing and we believe investing should always aim to maximise profits. Whether these profits are monetary or in elevation. Any success or progressive development is a profit on its own and it should be maximised.

So, we would like to welcome you to our ecosystem to elevate yourself.

Who makes our amazing team

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